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Shirley - Weight Loss Success If you are obese and have always struggled to lose weight, now is the time to change your life, become healthier, and enjoy an active lifestyle. Our weight loss program is unique, and centers on educating you about the importance of food choices, exercise and maintaining your healthy weight. We also provide free monthly support groups with a licensed psychologist, nutritional and dietary education with a Registered Dietician, and access to communicate with our Lap Band Coordinator, who is a Lap Band success story because of Dr. Huguet! We are here to answer all of your questions and concerns before, during and after this life changing process.

Meet Dr. Huguet

Dr. Kevin Huguet is a Board Certified General Surgeon and Fellowship trained in minimally invasive (laparoscopic) surgery from the Mayo Clinic. His background in physical fitness and personal training provide him with a profound awareness of the weight management issues that many people encounter. Dr. Huguet endeavors to help each of his patients achieve and sustain a healthy way of life. More…

Lap Band Surgery

Lap Band is a non-invasive form of bariatric surgery that will help you to lose weight without any of the cutting or stapling that is involved with other procedures. Learn more…

Success Stories

“The Diet Queen”! That’s me – at least it used to be me! Not anymore, now that I have had my Lap-Band surgery. - Sandra

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Patient Testimonials

"I discovered the LAP-BAND on the Internet, attended a patient seminar and immediately knew it was right for me. Since my surgery, I no longer have high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels or lower back pain. The LAP-BAND has been the tool that I needed to finally be successful at losing weight!"

Lisa, lost 140 lbs

Patient Testimonials

"I chose the LAP-BAND because the surgery is much shorter and less risky, and recovery is quicker. I returned to work the day I was back from the hospital. Almost four years after my surgery, I am still in control of my weight and my life and enjoy every day I spend with my daughter."

Frank, lost 135 lbs

Patient Testimonials

"As a nurse I researched as much as I could. I loved the fact that the LAP-BAND was the safest surgery available and that it was adjustable. I have lost 160 lbs since my surgery, and I have to admit…I really love the way I look as well!"

Brooke, lost 160 lbs

Patient Testimonials

"It is absolutely magnificent to see a patient taking six pills a day, and, within a matter of a couple of weeks, see them come back to the office taking no medication. It is the first time in my medical career as a surgeon where I can truly cure a chronic medical disease."

Dr. Grossbard, lost 105 lbs

Patient Testimonials

"In January 2001, I decided to have LAP-BAND surgery. I am now wearing size 10 clothes, and that is smaller than I thought I would be when I was all done losing weight! I continue to be amazed at this new body of mine, and I love being able to do anything I want without a second thought."

Elma, lost 135 lbs